Day 829,windows.

Day 829-1

Countless times people inhaled in this room.

In silence and eyes closed you can imagine,

the thoughts that they have when sitting down,

staring outside through the windows in this house.




This is a picture of Paul and Johanna Woxeng, the people that lived here till the 1950s. This picture is taken around 1920.



This is a picture of  the same window taken today

Day 828, goal.

Day 828-1

A little fly attracted by colorful instincts,

flies unaware its self-chosen path,

fulfilling its purpose tight up in its brain

a taste of reward repeats till the unseen and end.

Day 827, closed eyes.

Day 827-1.jpg

Eyes closed and the darkness spirals.

The black mass pulls down, up, it turns,

the movement lures my mood in.

I open my eyes and it lingers.

Day 826, reality.

Day 826-1.jpg

Towards the outside of my awareness.

The transition is veiled.

Reality and imagery are tangled.

The world stops out there.

Day 825, directions.

Day 825-1.jpg

The sea, wind, and current controls

Distrustful I look me in the eye

My own tides make me

And I let the sea, wind and current take me.

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