Day 1098, reflections.

Day 1098-1.jpg

From afar

you look bright, in red

I come closer

to greet

I can’t see


from up here

through reflections

I see

your former

when we do



Day 1097, my room.

Day 1097-1.jpg

My room

is silently lit by harsh light,

where I stand naked in front of

reaching for a sign

that someone


my window.


Day 1096, chains.

Day 1096-1.jpg

I like to think, I wonder

what chains, old, big or small

between me and tomorrow,

that will pull. Me? Away.


Day 1095, workplace.

Day 1095-1.jpg

Harsh light comes from outside

leaving the darkness in corners.

My workspace is well lit,

I have the time for this

just have to get the tools.

Day 1091, different.

Day 1091-1.jpg

It started out as one, all the same

in time some told to go, change

falling to be replaced, worn down

still together in being, different.


Day 1090, couch.

Day 1090-1.jpg

The left side of the couch

is where I stare,

sitting in the middle –

where future meets past

my silence –

of the room.


Day 1089, my room.

Day 1089-1.jpg

I was cooking the other day

and sorrows where thinking for me,

between the damp and smoke.

It’s a mess, said my room

up there, in my thoughts

where I stare at the walls.


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