Day 1090, couch.

Day 1090-1.jpg

The left side of the couch

is where I stare,

sitting in the middle –

where future meets past

my silence –

of the room.


Day 1089, my room.

Day 1089-1.jpg

I was cooking the other day

and sorrows where thinking for me,

between the damp and smoke.

It’s a mess, said my room

up there, in my thoughts

where I stare at the walls.


Day 1083, clouds.

Day 1083-1.jpg

Shadows slowly take over the last hour of the day

drifting from sea heavy laden clouds come to engulf

and feast on what’s left of the warmth in the valleys.


Day 1082, Cold mountains.

Day 1082-1.jpg

Life, thinly spread out in the valleys of white mountains and dark soil.

The loneliness here is in its nature close when the silence takes you.

And the cold coming from the mountains gives you a harsh calm.


Day 1081, cat and mouse.

Day 1081-1.jpg

A cat, goes around

a corner in the house.

A mouse, turns around

a corner in the house.

Both, they stand still

waiting, for the chase.


Day 1077, fear.

Day 1077-1.jpg

Begging to a wall, cornered

a mighty force, storms in my world

past on anger still spills, from its wounds


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