Day 1808, switch.

Have you ever had a switch

that when you switch it

nothing happens


so you press it again

and again

and again

as if the switch

is the cause

of your failed


Day 1806, dizzy.

I am dizzy

walking to the road

in the distance and mist



I am walking it

into the mist and distance



I am no longer dizzy

just hungry

Day 1804, straight down.

I am easy

with my leftover thoughts


they go

straight down the drain


some make compost out of it

they say it is good fertilizer


I think it leaves

a bad aftertaste

when you eat the new harvest

Day 1803, white window

I see something interesting

behind those dark windows


I can’t see inside

only the part

that faces me


and that is white

like a blank piece of paper

Day 1801, slave revolt.

We are all slaves

Taken apart

by the time

we live in


you can step on me

as a slave

but your freedom

to hurt me

guides me


shows me an other way

into you


Day 1800, the right tool.

I have to treat you

when you surface



when you’re in the corner

or stretched out



either way

I have to be sharp

and treat you

your excess

Day 1799, small.

I only see the shadow

in front of me

of the door

I stand in

and half opened


is it because I feel

so small


or because the door


so big

Day 1798, corrugated.

I saw these two hand prints

in the dust


the corrugated glass


I wondered if it was you

and me

trying to feel



or did you never touched

what us divides

while I waited

Day 1797, open up.

It seems that I can only open up

these windows

all at once

and let the fresh air in


maybe I have to break

just one of them

to only let you in

Day 1796, between.

I saw through the ice

a shape emerging


I don’t know if it was you

that let me see

or me


but we know

it’s something between us

and the ice

Day 1795, I forget.

I see a lot of tracks

leading away

and towards


I know I made some

when I wandered around


but I forget

if I don’t see a pattern

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