Day 1246, draft.

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Looking on your own






We humans are good at recognizing faces. We often recognize a face by just an outline, a shadow or on a blurry picture. We recognize ourselves in almost the same way, we know who we are, looking from the outside at the outside.

There is a big difference between recognizing an other and yourself I think. If I see a shape of someone that I know I immediately have some kind of synopsis available with all there trades, our shared history and everything else worth remembering. We have a (one sided) judgment ready when we meet people we know, and we have a lot of drafts ready to grab when we meet people we don’t know.

But when I look in the mirror, I realize that, that is the only time when meeting someone, myself, that I am honest. I have no “synopsis” or “judgment”, at most a poorly written draft of who that is, in the mirror.

Day 1245, control.

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Nature can sometimes

see you


wondering who is




Do you ever realize that mother nature is not the victim of us humans. In the billion years that have past species grown up out of nature have come and gone. In the billions of years ahead we will not be the last. We humans are not more than a pimple squashed out by it’s own need to expand on a still adolescent and expanding universe.

I heard something on a podcast today, something I never realized (doesn’t it make you doubt yourself when you learn something new that makes sense, makes you wonder what else you don’t know in all your hubris). They talked about the different way’s we as humans can be extinct, volcano’s, wars, global warming etc. During the discussion they started talking about aliens and why we have never seen them, because a race a million years older then us should have found a way to travel the long distances you might think. One of the theories is that every civilization gets destroyed by itself before they reach the that kind of knowledge.

Day 1244, the past.

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The grain of wood

slowly build

up in time

holds the light


closes in

the past


I think when I was around the age of sixteen I was the most authentic. Uninhibited by to much past to cloud the day and future. Slowly we start putting up roadblocks and collect bricks to make walls, so we can corner ourselves in.

Me, the person that sits in the corner of his own made brick wall is the authentic me, if the authentic me is the sum of all my experiences up till now. But why are all of my best memories, the music, cars, vacations and kisses from the time I was around sixteen? When the summers lasted forever.


Curious how I made this picture? Go to my other site where I log my photographic adventures.


The human mind sees the world, like looking through a reflective window.

I like to share some experiences I had with communication on the work floor, not so much about communication between two people, like a wife and husband or two friends but within groups. Communication between two or more people is hard, that is a statement that most people will agree on. Why is it hard, and what can you do to improve it is another thing entirely. People disagree why this is hard, you can read thousands of books about it. Ironically we probably misunderstand each other also when we discuss these matters.

I have no special knowledge about communication, the only thing different between me and most other people is that I not only ask these questions, but I also like to look for answers endlessly, as some kind of obsession. I learned the most from others by reading there books, specially about philosophy and psychology. There are also many good lectures on the internet from all kind of sources like universities and companies like the great courses. You will enter a “rabbit hole” if you search for answers but that should not stop you.


One of my first jobs was for a small company with two owners and up to 4 employees. I was a surveyor there Communication was pretty straight forward, go to this place in that country and measure this and that, you have 5 day’s. That was more or less the extent of our communication. I drove with my assistant, in most cases to former east Germany, booked a hotel and worked the rest of the week. This was in 1996 and we used one of the first GPS systems to make a grid that other surveyors could use. The equipment needed several hours to get a fixed point within a couple of centimeters, pretty slow compared to the modern equipment.

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