Day 1288, holes.

Day 1288-1.jpg

My road

to the world

and home

is poorly paved


I filled some holes

but they are hard to avoid

and soon

show their true depth




I descend in them


to spare my nerves


Day 1127, finally.

Day 1127-1.jpg

In strange harbors

I rest my self

between the unknown

the noises



I wake

a new sunrise


a way



Day 705, Stuck?

Day 705-1

On the right it is me, uncombed standing crooked.

Next my wife, good-looking, all dressed up, hair in a bun.

We say goodbye to our memories you see; some parts are blocking the sun.

The sun that gives us warmth is either setting or rising, is this morning or evening?

Are we going to wait, or getting higher or are we just so rooted like the trees you see here?

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