Day 1857, again.

The tracks from last year

in the field where I sowed

are still there


I would be stupid

not to follow them


this year

Day 1832, down stream.

Full of energy I streamed down to a sea, driven by a need to go.

Halfway my journey, a cold eastern wind sung and gripped me, it took away the light and open sky, a barrier was composed, and a part of me conducted and stayed behind.

That part of me is for always lost, and will collapse the further I move away.

Some of it will follow me, eventually, but I will never know, when I will meet it again.

Day 1489, leave.

Day 1489.jpg


at the end

she whirled

to a welcoming



in a quiet


her life

moved away


at the end

of this winter

a thought

and her cage

where left




Day 1485, I’m driving.

Day 1485.jpg

The mountains

I see

around the corner

are far away

but pull on me


the peaks


in yesterday’s snow


the unbeaten paths

I long for




a dream

warns me

to watch the road

I’m driving

Day 1422, grey.

Day 1422.jpg

With the greyness

of the year


of time


the silence

and calm



slowly freezes


moving backwards


this winter

is standing


Day 1327, frost.

Day 1327.jpg

A long


Russian veil

touches our lands

ever so slightly


and for a few moments

this touch


last summer

Day 1280, in the distance.

Day 1280_01.jpg

The mountains

I see

far away

have new snow

on their peaks

in thin air


while the sun

still shines


they tell me

to gather wood

and warm the house

for the coming winter

Day 1091, different.

Day 1091-1.jpg

It started out as one, all the same

in time some told to go, change

falling to be replaced, worn down

still together in being, different.


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