Aphorisms in one sentence.

Human all too human


    1. Chemistry takes over
    2. Man’s being cannot be fixed in time or connected to an event and be identified with it.
    3. The scientific beauty is slowly replacing the external beauty.
    4. The ideas shine but the truth lies in the heart.
    5. Our dreams divided the one inside.
    6. Philosophers think knowledge, scientist see knowledge.
    7. Socratic search for happiness binds science
    8. Nature mistakenly seen by former bible scholars
    9. The road to the real world can’t be explained
    10. With knowledge the “thing in itself” will disappear.
    11. Reason would not exist without our first wrong words.
    12. Our dreams and myths are from the savages
    13. The way we make a dream is the basis of our thinking
    14. Complex moods feel like one, but are not, like words.
    15. Deep feelings are empty without words that are often empty to.
    16. Science will overcome the mistakes made by interpreting life and experiences.
    17. Answers from the unseen world are less fulfilling than answers from the seen world
    18. From the beginning we thought “in boxes” and our free will saw no causes.
    19. We exist but live in a man made world
    20. Don’t dismiss positive metaphysics to fast.
    21. It is historically possible that metaphysics will be refuted no matter what
    22. The scientific age stretches and stresses the metaphysical mind.
    23. Future cultures will appreciate the long lost global culture that came from mono-cultures.
    24. You can choose progress but some copy the old cultures to make-up new.
    25. No God, no Kant, is it now kill or be killed for the greater good?
    26. Schopenhauer’s metaphysics can lead us to real enlightenment.
    27. To overcome irrational believes, use art to get to science.
    28. Heathens and saints are bad and human, the world is neutral.
    29. The real world can exist together with the deniers.
    30. Reasoning follows often the beaten track mistakenly both up an downhill.
    31. The things that are valuable, come from irrationality.
    32. Poor judgement is our burden.
    33. The ignorant lives, may the rest write poetry.
    34. Life is a bitch, but I can imagine a better one.
    35. Write maxims and life is easier.
    36. People don’t like intellectuals to look to close.
    37. Research into morals have to be taken serious again.
    38. Keep it cool if you can handle the truth.
    39. Mistaken origin of free will and feelings.

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