Day 1434, sunrise.

Day 1434.jpg

The sun

was shining brightly


muting clouds


and the day


an hour away


but soon

her warmth



and shone


to me

Day 1413, ascent.

Day 1413.jpg

It’s cold

in the wind

on top of

the ridge


your view is wide

and even

in twilight

you can see further


but soon

the sun sets

and you have to

go home

Day 1340, around.

Day 1340.jpg

This massive


slowly tumbles

through space

around the force

that caught



with no end

in sight


for some limited


a life

out of these rocks


this all

Day 1131, a vast landscape.

Day 1131-1.jpg

I open the door

and lead you to my window

to show you from the inside

what I see outside


a vast landscape

shallow waters

deep swamps

a sunset


the shortening shadows

snakes hiding place

and lions roam

on the baron ground


and men, still marches

in goose step

blindly, to obey

it’s inner ape


Day 1072, still water.

Day 1072-1.jpg

Sudden strong wind coming from the other shore form ripples on still water.

The sun has reached its highest point and is descending scattered in reflecting water.

From the bright light of midday, through the long shadows, it ends in dark red reflection on calmed water.


Day 705, Stuck?

Day 705-1

On the right it is me, uncombed standing crooked.

Next my wife, good-looking, all dressed up, hair in a bun.

We say goodbye to our memories you see; some parts are blocking the sun.

The sun that gives us warmth is either setting or rising, is this morning or evening?

Are we going to wait, or getting higher or are we just so rooted like the trees you see here?

Day 692, What I see.

Day 692-1

What I see, seizing light.

Imagining, a tired mind.

Rendering it, delusional.

What is out there, reality?

The world we see is…

different from yours.


Day 605

Day 605-1
Day 605 – Living close to the polar-circle in Norway  means early and long sunsets this time of the year. I took this picture around 13:00 on a hill close to my house. The view is great, you can see some of the 6000 islands  surrounding the island I live on.

The other 604 day’s you can find here.

Two years ago i decided to start taking pictures every day to put some new life in my lingering hobby. I just past day number 600 and posting a picture everyday is almost second nature for me now. There were moments that i had no motivation but after a couple of hundred photo’s it becomes harder and harder to quit. For most of the pictures i have tried to put some effort in it and I have never uploaded a photo straight from my phone.

I like macro photography the most, looking and showing the hidden details, small creatures and details of plants. I try to give myself a different challenge everyday like using this lens or that flash, going to the shoreline or only take pictures of that old tractor. Limiting myself forces me to be creative and think of solutions I have never thought of.

The cameras I use the most for now is a Nikon D7100 with a Nikon 105mm macro lens. I also use 2 Nikon R1 macro flashes or a normal flash with a big diffuser. To get even closer I use extension tubes with the 105mm or 50mm f1.8. lenses In my camera bag I also have an older Nikon 300mm lens. The other camera’s I use are a Fuji e1 with 18, 35 and 55-200mm lenses, a Sony RX100III and my phone.

I hardly ever use a tripod when I take macro pictures and most of the time I take the pictures where I find the bug or flower. I sometimes move grass or leaves from the background but for the rest I leave it as it is. Because I take pictures every day I don’t go for perfection. If I catch my self tinkering endlessly , I will put a stop to it…I have more to do and…the best pictures are not perfect. For this tinkering I use mainly Lightroom but also Photoshop and filters from Topazlaps.

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