Day 1605, home.

Day 1605.jpg

A new home

for the day’s

that are still



in the room

with no roof


where I look

trough a new window

Day 1602, grass.

Day 1602.jpg


the colors are drained

from the world you see

into the abyss

you feel




a grey field of grass

still feels


when you think of it

Day 1601, dragged.

Day 1601.jpg

I don’t want

to give you cover

no longer

against the rain


but I am still


dragged down

by the forces

that kept me

with you

Day 1597, urge.

Day 1597.jpg

The windows

I look through

al look

at the same


in the one window

I can see it all

a bit more

from the right


in the other

from the left


and from the window

in the middle

it all comes straight

towards me

and then I feel

an urge

Day 1596, dangerous.

Day 1596.jpg

They drilled it

in to me

to brace me

for the coming



I am now


to mother earth



I will never move again

and will stand here

as so many others

to carry

the current


Day 1592, behind it.

Day 1592.jpg


hanging on a wall


hiding behind its nakedness

its multitude

are clouds

moved by a current

that sometimes reveals

a ray of light


a fleeting inspiration

at times

bottled for a lifetime

Day 1591, happy.

Day 1591.jpg

In the fourth doorway

is saw you standing


I don’t know why

I kept opening


but also

stayed behind


from this distance

I can’t see

the age

in your eyes


and you know

that makes me happy

Day 1590, I wonder.

Day 1590.jpg

I live above

and below you


I hear footsteps

and your music


I hear your door

and a toilet


I see someone

in the lift


and I wonder

if you wonder

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