Day 2477, at work

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This is a window I work on now. It is from a church built in 1936 that got partially burned down 2 years ago. They will replace most of the old windows with new, better isolated ones, but my task is to preserve 3 of the original windows. In the two little videos below, you can see how I put in the glass panes, something I learned not so long ago when I started working here. It is satisfying work to preserve something that was almost given up.  

Day 2381, gangsta’s paradise.

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I still remember when I bought this Coolio cd. It was 1994, and I lived in Curacao, one of the former Dutch Caribbean Islands. I didn’t listen much to radio back then, but I often went to one of the few record stores and just browsed through de cd’s and picked the ones that spoke to me to listen to in the store, that way, I had a nice couple of hours of listening to unknown music and with some luck some new music to take home for keeps.

I never had a specific taste for rap music, but I started listening to Ice-T and Ice Cube around that same time because of the seriousness of their lyrics and what they tried to tell. They sometimes fooled around also, but this Coolio cd was for sure more lighthearted. I still listen to it every now and then, that’s why I keep my cd player around and all the CDs I ever bought, I am a sentimental guy, and these  old CDs bring me back to those day’s like little time machines in a box. 

I have not followed his career or life, but I hope he had a good life and a peaceful way of leaving us all…

The number you can listen to and read the lyrics from is his most famous song “Gangsta’s paradise, it has some good lyrics, and as a part-time philosopher, I can pick and appreciate some lines that are, for me, timeless in the describing the world we still live in. 

Day 2353, glass.

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We all live alone
pretending to look at the world through misformed glass 

the windows don’t open in this cellar 
we breathe through cracks we made 
we love the fresh air to get in 
not out there 

My “fresh air”, so to say, is reading books from people that I can relate to. I would like to meet people that are still alive and have similar thoughts like these long-dead philosophers, but no one has taught me the secret sign that like-minded people give each other when they cross each other in life. I like to read Nietzsche, but it doesn’t really matter which philosopher you read because they all share a willingness to search and question and have all seen the underlying problems. Their answers might be different, but I don’t think that answers are that important to get wiser; maybe answers function is being an anchor, and having one might tempt you to throw it overboard in rougher weather or when tired of sailing

Underneath are some quotes from one of Nietzsche’s last books: Twilight of the idols, or how to philosophize with a hammer. The hammer he uses is not one we use for driving nails but one the doctor uses to test reflexes and abnormalities in the nervous system…just so you know. Stucked between these quotes is a famous one “Out of life’s school of war: What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.” Because of all the (mis)use, it is now some kind of a platitude for me, but that doesn’t take away that you can still write a book about this one quote if you want.

Day 2352, Eminem.

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I have all kinds of music on my phone, but besides Alanis Morissette, I have only all the albums of Eminem on it. I don’t exactly know why I like his music; it is not his lyrics; he often goes so fast that it is hard to follow for me, it is probably his energy. I like watching YouTube videos where they react to and explain his music, which gives me another appreciation and understanding of why he is praised so highly. I think he has a lot of talent, and he found a lucrative outlet for that; but he is still the tortured artist he’s always been, but he also stayed true to himself and his art.

Day 2349, new.

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I have made a new website where I collected some of the pictures I liked the most from my picture-a-day project. You can go to the site by clicking the link “pictures” under the Nochrisis logo and then “best of days.” Or follow this link:

I am now on day 2349, but sometimes I post more pictures in one day, so there are around 3300 photos to be found in the posts on this blog. I don’t always take pictures daily, but I edit the pictures on the day I post them. I have so my routines while editing pictures, but I have to say that it is still a creative process for me. Most of the time, I set some kind of time limit, not only to save some time, but the result of your creativity often benefits from limiting yourself in time, and other boundaries, is my experience. Writing the little poem-like texts with each picture has also never been a problem. Each picture has given me some kind of inspiration, and most of the time, a sentence will pop up in my head, and that’s the one I write down. It happens very seldom that I have to erase that first sentence because I like the challenge of sticking with it. I often take out words once I think I am finished; this leaves the poems short and to the point and not really poetic in the traditional sense, I think, but who am I to judge? Writing these little poems or texts is just fun to do, and it makes me smile each time I think I am so clever…