Day 1676, stand.

If you look


at what you perceive


from the right angle

and height


it will




be sure

to stand still

Day 1675, closer.

I see clouds


above the roof

I lie



they seem so close

and far away


I ask myself

staring upwards


do I want to be closer

to those clouds

or the roof

Day 1674, playing.

The urge

to pull

on the first words


in your mind


when asked

for an opinion



for what will happen

you give


and the rest



you pulled

like the cat

with seven lives

Day 1673, her.

She was standing there


still in silence


I could see

her posture

new where to go


up the stairs

to get her…

Day 1671, against.

Our energy



from the same source


the wall

we stand against



the fusillades

we look

the other way


and sometimes

we meet

each other

Day 1670, sideways.

I like to climb


but all the lines


come towards me


I need lines


besides me

towards a step

and the next


please talk

besides me


Day 1667, noone.

The light and lingering rain

gives my mood

a muted tone

of afternoon and autumn


while I wander

in this light

I lookup

to an old window


and a thought

appreciating the mood

asks me:


does the window

fulfill its role

of bringing in light

in an abandoned house

Day 1666, fall.

For a few days in nature

a colorful festival

celebrates the end

of growth and feast


and we


in awe we forget

to celebrate

our own

Day 1665, sideways.

Like our nose

we don’t see the truth

when we approach it

to close


we can still see

a part of it

when we close

the right eye


when stepping back

is not an option

Day 1664, straight line.

A lot of things

that are man-made

have perfect

straight lines

going up

and sideways


even when we think

or speak


the shortest route

is a straight line

and when we look

for answers

we often

don’t wander


Day 1663, spilled.

From the clothespins

that are left

I can see

where you had your thought


to dry


I hope the blood stains

came out

Day 1662, who.

On my left

I see you

on my right

I see you


you are

the symmetry in my life

and never

will the two of you


Day 1661, line.

This line

that I am holding

is choking me


and when the wind


and waves

play their game


I realize

that this will


this lines


on me

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