Day 1592, behind it.

Day 1592.jpg


hanging on a wall


hiding behind its nakedness

its multitude

are clouds

moved by a current

that sometimes reveals

a ray of light


a fleeting inspiration

at times

bottled for a lifetime

Day 696, Art makes the thinker’s heart heavy.

Day 696-1

The winter is not gone yet, the snow comes and goes but the ground is still frozen. Maybe 2 more moths ore a bit longer.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Human all too human

Art makes the thinker’s heart heavy. – How strong the metaphysical need is, and how hard nature makes it to bid it a final farewell, can be seen from the fact that even when the free spirit has divested himself of everything metaphysical the highest effects of art can easily set the metaphysical strings, which have long been silent or indeed snapped apart, vibrating in sympathy; so it can happen, for example, that a passage in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony will make him feel he is hovering above the earth in a dome of stars with the dream of immortality in his heart: all the stars seem to glitter around him and the earth seems to sink farther and farther away. – If he becomes aware of being in this condition he feels a profound stab in the heart and sighs for the man who will lead him back to his lost love, whether she be called religion or metaphysics. It is in such moments that his intellectual probity is put to the test.

Day 629, about art.

Day 629-1

I have a pipe in my office and I took a picture of it. I like taking pictures of ordinary things. In this case I played around with the original picture till this came to me. I normally don’t know where I go when I manipulate pictures, I follow some routines, go there, ctrl-z and at some point, it’s there. Most of the time I really like what I made but only time will tell if I was deceived.

Rant: I also don’t like to control my appreciation for someone else’s art or pictures. But I draw the line if I don’t know if that fire extinguisher on the wall is part of the exhibition or is there by law. That is the kind of art that needs a lot of words to explain and therefore is no longer art. Visual art for me is something that fits like a puzzle in your mind and its only role is to please and  to let you appreciate the craftsmanship. Leave the stories to the story tellers and philosophy to the philosophers. Artist are the biggest liars because they can delve into the deepest well of imagination and ask of us to decipher their brains exhausts. Pretentious art is not for me, showing your deepest fear is like telling me about your pain when all you did was growing up in our comfortable society, we have to invent our pain these days, its fake. And finally watermarking your photography is the ultimate pretense, there is no originality anymore so don’t pretend you are and if money is the reason for life, I’m sorry for you.

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