Day 2477, at work

Day's pictures, Video

This is a window I work on now. It is from a church built in 1936 that got partially burned down 2 years ago. They will replace most of the old windows with new, better isolated ones, but my task is to preserve 3 of the original windows. In the two little videos below, you can see how I put in the glass panes, something I learned not so long ago when I started working here. It is satisfying work to preserve something that was almost given up.  

Day 829,windows.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Day 829-1

Countless times people inhaled in this room.

In silence and eyes closed you can imagine,

the thoughts that they have when sitting down,

staring outside through the windows in this house.




This is a picture of Paul and Johanna Woxeng, the people that lived here till the 1950s. This picture is taken around 1920.



This is a picture of  the same window taken today