Day 2007, river.

I was standing on top of the world

I though

but for some reason

I felt a strong urge

to climb down again

Heraclitus said 2500 years ago that things are always changing and opposites are…well, not really opposites from each other. Philosophers through the ages have always been good in coming up with the phrases that encapsulate there philosophy, they think they are really clever but the layman will not understand the full depth and others philosophers think they do.

That things are always changing sound pretty obvious and even if you never philosophies about life, it would not be hard to understand this idea. One of his own examples that he seems2 to give is that of a river that is never the same river. It is not only the water that flows through the river that changes constantly but even the simple act of you standing in the river and leaving footprints when you leave is a change. But why would you care about this simply example, your life will not become any better when you know this you might think and you might be right. Maybe you only need to know the things that you think you know, and dismiss the rest.

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Day 1901, curious.

I’ve already played my part

in last year’s summer dance


I gave my seeds

to the passing wind

and showed the beauty

that once was


I let all of that go

when this dance was over

though I’m still here


Day 1897, shadow of me.

I look from the inside

through a veil



the window is clear

but still

shows me


I see myself standing there

underneath the dark clouds

looking inside


I forgot

if I ever moved again

Day 1892, pretend.

I see the lock

hanging on the door

and the whole world sees me

staring at it


I don’t know if

they want me

or not

to open it


I can pretend

to search for the key

Day 1868, windows.

Sometimes in life

you look trough a small window

and the world appears

easier to digest


other times you open your eyes

and stand in front

of a large window

and the world appears

Day 1866, searching.

For this

I have to go up

while ignoring


the monolithic structure

I have to scale


so when I am there

I can search

while opening doors

for clues

to my past

Day 1853, starring at myself.

Disorientated I stare at the faces I see every day

like the years I spend there before

where just a dream

I woke up from

just now


it only lasted a few seconds

but I still remember this

all these years later

Day 1852, going nowhere.

We wait a lot in life

waiting for a signal to go


standing still

with only our mind that tells us

this is the way you go

where you are now


where you stand still

Day 1832, down stream.

Full of energy I streamed down to a sea, driven by a need to go.

Halfway my journey, a cold eastern wind sung and gripped me, it took away the light and open sky, a barrier was composed, and a part of me conducted and stayed behind.

That part of me is for always lost, and will collapse the further I move away.

Some of it will follow me, eventually, but I will never know, when I will meet it again.

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