Day 1868, windows.

Sometimes in life

you look trough a small window

and the world appears

easier to digest


other times you open your eyes

and stand in front

of a large window

and the world appears

Day 1866, searching.

For this

I have to go up

while ignoring


the monolithic structure

I have to scale


so when I am there

I can search

while opening doors

for clues

to my past

Day 1853, starring at myself.

Disorientated I stare at the faces I see every day

like the years I spend there before

where just a dream

I woke up from

just now


it only lasted a few seconds

but I still remember this

all these years later

Day 1852, going nowhere.

We wait a lot in life

waiting for a signal to go


standing still

with only our mind that tells us

this is the way you go

where you are now


where you stand still

Day 1832, down stream.

Full of energy I streamed down to a sea, driven by a need to go.

Halfway my journey, a cold eastern wind sung and gripped me, it took away the light and open sky, a barrier was composed, and a part of me conducted and stayed behind.

That part of me is for always lost, and will collapse the further I move away.

Some of it will follow me, eventually, but I will never know, when I will meet it again.

Day 1831, B&W.

I sometimes wish that I could see the world in black and white.

A neat dividing line through every gradation.

Just black and white.

Day 1826, hiding.

I saw you standing

close to the crossing

but I was not looking

at you


its your likeness

I recognize

while I stare

at what’s hiding



I don’t move


hoping you


Day 1816, duck.

With some

you see from the outside

how the inside is holding


without looking

through their open



it’s the brick wall

that supports all that weight

and the cannons

they bear

Day 1788, windows.

I wander

in my head


searching for a view

through a window in the rooms

facing the side

where the sun goes down


as if beauty

or the hope of a next day

beholds an answer

Day 1786, bloom.

I landed with my face down

In a cold reality

of dead weeds and earth


when I looked up

just in front of me

I saw a gray flower



I wondered

when is the right time to bloom

Day 1783, exit?

I know

whats normally behind a door like that

a dead end when I go in


but I still go

searching for a way out

on the other side

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