Day 1652, a deep sea.

I worked hard

on this vessel


it is still floating


with the current


towards the sunset

away from its rise


a deeper sea

is what I feel

Day 1651, my shore.

I have many memories

that I stranded

on the islands

before my coast


and when the moon

and the winds

play together

their game


I remember

what washes

on my shore

Day 1650, driving.

The clouds and mountains

move slowly


and the water reflects

my mind


before the next turn

I stop

to take a picture

and save this moment

for you

Day 1646, uproar.

With all that swelling

internal noise

I get the impression

that something

is gonna change



says the day dreamer


for the people

that dream at night


the noise is there


by day

Day 1645, green grass.

You know

how you can tell

that we

as humans

have no clue

what this world

is all about


we often follow

like sheep

3 or 4 shepherds

that know

how to walk upright

and command


it probably takes

an other 10000 years

before we all

can think

and graze

for ourselves

Day 1644, hindsight.

Some people

see a new future



with an obvious

dead end

in sight


as if your future

is no more

than your past

in hindsight

Day 1643, a lot.

It just comes


towards me

when I think of it


when I open

my eyes

and see it all

in front of me


I just need

to focus

on a cubic inch

of matter

at a time


and then

at the end

it lays all


in parts

in front of me

Day 1641, wondering.

We can leave

our conscience


when we are naked

and all alone



in our minds

inner prairie


in search

for a place

to shelter





our path

Day 1638, clown.

They say some clowns


because they touch


with one hand


while you

only feel it


but some clowns


without knowing

that there is


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