Day 1644, hindsight.

Some people

see a new future



with an obvious

dead end

in sight


as if your future

is no more

than your past

in hindsight

Day 1643, a lot.

It just comes


towards me

when I think of it


when I open

my eyes

and see it all

in front of me


I just need

to focus

on a cubic inch

of matter

at a time


and then

at the end

it lays all


in parts

in front of me

Day 1641, wondering.

We can leave

our conscience


when we are naked

and all alone



in our minds

inner prairie


in search

for a place

to shelter





our path

Day 1638, clown.

They say some clowns


because they touch


with one hand


while you

only feel it


but some clowns


without knowing

that there is


Day 1636, painful.

I don’t know why

I have to carry

this extra weight


my belt is useless now


for smacking you

in the face

mirror man

Day 1635, bite.

I have a collection

of tiny teeth

that all have

at one day

chewed on me


I picked them up

when I look down


I see no marks

but I think

they are on my back

because there it is

where it hurts

Day 1632, your face.

It looks

like I see

your face again

in everything



you disappear

when I open

the door

for a while


so you know

you can come in

Day 1631, turn.

I see

in front of me

a wall

and a ledge

but I can’t

reach it


I guess

you can see

a better future

from up there


I wonder

why I still


at this grey


Day 1629, HtwoO.

On our way

towards our need


we get distracted

by all the lushness

we see


and only later

do we drink

from the well

in the valley

where we linger

the water

that we need

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