About me

20150823_134520-2My name is Christiaan van Gaal, I live in Norway (I am Dutch) and restore wooden boats for a living.

I started taking pictures and posting them online every day a couple of years ago to force myself in doing something creative…every day. I like doing these daily pictures and somewhere in the beginning of 2018 is started writing poems and posted these with the pictures. My little poems are now most of the times written as Haiku as far as the 5-7-5 syllable count goes, I also try to use the picture and my philosophy background as inspiration. Every now and then I have the urge to write a more opinionated piece ore preach my philosophy.

You will also find a section about Nietzsche. I think it is important in one’s life to have a few mooring points and Nietzsche is one of these resting places for me.

Why I write and take these pictures every day you might ask, I honestly don’t know besides the joy of making them.


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