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My name is Christiaan van Gaal. I come originally from Holland but I live since 2006 in Norway. I moved to Norway to get away from a world that I didn’t agree with any longer. When I was younger I joined the Dutch marines and as such I have seen how other, less fortunate people live in Cambodia and the Caribbean. After these experiences I started getting interested in History and philosophy and for a short while I studied Journalism and History but I had a hard time agreeing with the goals of our society and decided to move on. I became a wooden boat builder and eventually moved to Norway where I work for museums and restore their old boats and houses. I am still interested in Philosophy and photography and this blog helps me to focus my attention and improve my writing and story telling.

On this blog you can find several things, on the main page you will find the pictures and their accompanying short poems from my “a picture a day project”. My daily picture of random events or objects are an inspiration for my short poems and a motivation for my self to be creative at least one moment a day.

There is also a section about Friedrich Nietzsche where you can find general information about Nietzsche and the books he has written. I am the kind of person that likes to organize things in folders and structures, and why not share it. There is also a page where I analyze the first aphorisms of Nietzsche’s book Human all to human.

In the last two sections you can find my best pictures and my photography blog where I talk about my equipment and test mainly vintage lenses.

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