Day 1591, happy.

Day 1591.jpg

In the fourth doorway

is saw you standing


I don’t know why

I kept opening


but also

stayed behind


from this distance

I can’t see

the age

in your eyes


and you know

that makes me happy

Day 1590, I wonder.

Day 1590.jpg

I live above

and below you


I hear footsteps

and your music


I hear your door

and a toilet


I see someone

in the lift


and I wonder

if you wonder

Day 1589, surface.

Day 1589.jpg

He saw this shiny new surface

to land on and rest for a while


not wondering why he alone

eagerly set his foot willingly down


and there in his mind he got stuck in the new

that never lets go but the shine of its surface

Day 1588, the end.

Day 1588.jpg

The final burdens



over old memories


forgotten fears

in the middle

of the night


the end of an era


at the beginning

Day 1586, protection.

Day 1586.jpg

Looking back

at all the misshapen

building blocks

stacked together

to form this wall


it all seems to fit


but I still remember

standing down there

between all the broken pieces

of the walls


by my forefathers

Day 1585, barriers.

Day 1585.jpg

I stumbled upon

this wall last week


it is solid

but also made

out of many

small facets




it doesn’t really matter

it is still


in my way

Day 1584, when.

Day 1584.jpg

Every night

when you close your eyes

and wait for the moment

that never comes


and when you are there

you are also gone

for a few hours

or forever


one example

that death will come

and always

at the end of your life


remember that

Day 1582, line.

Day 1582.jpg

My line of sight is tied down

for the forces that push on it

are relentless


I hope one day

I can release it

and let the horizon fill

with the breath I kept

and pull on me

Day 1579, twilight.

Day 1579.jpg

I see bright light

and myself

standing still

at the end

of a dark tunnel


I stared so long

in twilight

trying to see this road

I am afraid it will disappear

when I step


Day 1578, roof.

Day 1578.jpg

I felt protected

for many years


but the roof was corroding

from the inside out

and one day the rain

came down


and woke me up

Day 1577, stares.

Day 1577.jpg

I remember the house

where I thought I grew up


there was an old chimney

a corner where I played

and my father closed the door


in my memories

he was never there

in reality

he often stares at me

standing in front

of my reflection

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