Day 2591, cling to it.

Daily picture, Poetry
Did you know
that we


the thinking animal
can only see a glimpse of a truth
from behind a transparent fence
we cling to

some even hold the fence as a truth
others stare through it in the distance
and see that distance as truth. 

What do I think?
Of the truth?
Of the fence, we seem to face?
Just turn around and start walking
away from it
towards an other side

Day 2583, feelings.

aphorism, Daily picture

Friedrich Nietzsche

Book I

35 Feelings and their origination in judgments. – ‘Trust your feelings!’ – But feelings are nothing final or original; behind feelings there stand judgments and evaluations which we inherit in the form of feelings (inclinations, aversions). The inspiration born of a feeling is the grandchild of a judgment – and often of a false judgment! – and in any event not a child of your own! To trust one’s feelings – means to give more obedience to one’s grandfather and grandmother and their grandparents than to the gods which are in us: our reason and our experience.

Day 2581, edge.

Daily picture, Poetry
I was standing close to the edge
at the end of a ladder 
nervous to see
what I would see

a valley can not hide the way up
that’s why I am 
and the expectations that follow
they will slowly get closer
with each step 

will I appreciate the distance that I will see 
ones I stand up
on that edge

or would I just look down at this valley
or an other

Day 2576, nature.

Daily picture, Quotes

Friedrich Nietzsche


Book I

 17 Nature, good and evil – At first, men imagined themselves into nature: they saw everywhere themselves and their kind, especially their evil and capricious qualities, as it were hidden among the clouds, storms, beasts of prey, trees and plants: it was then they invented ‘ evil nature’. Then there came along an age when they again imagined themselves out of nature, the age of Rousseau: they were so fed up with one another they absolutely had to have a corner of the world into which man and his torments could not enter: they invented ‘ good nature’.