Books about Nietzsche’s philosophy.

I have a collection of (e)Books about Nietzsche philosophy. In the future I will write my thought about these books but for now you can read a synopsis from the publisher, see the different chapters under “content” and an excerpt of the text. The context of the excerpt is, if possible, the introduction or the first few pages of the first chapter and a few pages of a random chapter. At the end I include some information about the author. The books are offered for sale on many different websites, new and used as books or as downloadable eBooks in different formats, I have no links included, just use the title in a search engine.

Click on the book covers if you want to read more about that book.

Joyce_s Nietzschean Ethics

Contesting Nietzsche




Redeeming Nietzsche

Nietzsche_s Critiques

Nietzsche and the question of interpretation

nietzsches task

Matthew Tones

Life lessons from Nietzsche

What Nietzsche really said

Aaron Ridley

Lawrence J. Hatab


Nietzsche versus Paul

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