Day 2444, concrete.

Daily picture, Poetry

Today I wanted to do something different. I took a random number generator and let it choose 3 old posts. The idea was to combine the three pictures and the three poems, or how you might call them. This is a photoshopped picture and a merger of three poems from Day 876, 1524, and 1580. The rule I set for myself for both the picture and the poems was not to add things; taking away was ok and reusing to.  And before I forget it, these poems have nothing to do with where I am now, they are just experiences that have somehow carved there tracks in me and my past. 

Some of my lines
woke me 
in my dream

a massive leaving 
my concrete structure
its weight

it seems to hover
pressed in bed

I am just
just leaving 

Day 2434, in my fantasy.

Daily picture, Poetry

Memories sometimes rush into me 
carried by a smell
a glance
a word

today one rushed forwards 
helped by a movement
an old tool I saw 
its movement 

I remember it
it was from the days when I played 
played on the floor
fantasy worlds with plastic toys
I saw it there
it was in my mind
I do remember

when I think about it
I have many memories of things
things that happened in my fantasy 
maybe I spend most of my time 
I don’t remember