Day 1104, believe.

Day 1104-1.jpg

When people started dividing,

in the cave we never left,

the few in front of us all

where only closer to the shapes

the shadows of what is not

for us all.


Day 1099, stairs up.

Day 1099-1.jpg

A corridor leads

to stairs up

dimly lit

by ancient, incandescent

its filaments


counting down, to their end.

Rushed by the cadence

I feel my way


eyes closed

foreseeing the darkness

escaping  time



Day 1098, reflections.

Day 1098-1.jpg

From afar

you look bright, in red

I come closer

to greet

I can’t see


from up here

through reflections

I see

your former

when we do



Day 1096, chains.

Day 1096-1.jpg

I like to think, I wonder

what chains, old, big or small

between me and tomorrow,

that will pull. Me? Away.


Day 1095, workplace.

Day 1095-1.jpg

Harsh light comes from outside

leaving the darkness in corners.

My workspace is well lit,

I have the time for this

just have to get the tools.

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