Day 1860, a dark forest.

I like the feeling

of looking

into a dark forest


there is a silence

like a beginning


and a darkness

that slowly turns

to gray


I don’t need to wander


the staring inside

is enough

to imagine

Day 1099, stairs up.

Day 1099-1.jpg

A corridor leads

to stairs up

dimly lit

by ancient, incandescent

its filaments


counting down, to their end.

Rushed by the cadence

I feel my way


eyes closed

foreseeing the darkness

escaping  time



Day 1095, workplace.

Day 1095-1.jpg

Harsh light comes from outside

leaving the darkness in corners.

My workspace is well lit,

I have the time for this

just have to get the tools.

Day 1071, unanswered question.

Day 1071-1.jpg

At night, dark moods like figures wake

to pull me in, it’s silent, I fall, overcome.

Reality dances, holds close my delirium, makes me feel the chorus.  

My eyes open and close to fall and wake together engulfing.

The pull overwhelms, getting stronger, the darkness dark.

My eyes open, awake, an echo drags shadows, my being afraid.

What is it that just haunted? Asks my wakening mind.

An abstract creation or a representation of nothing…ness?


Day 827, closed eyes.

Day 827-1.jpg

Eyes closed and the darkness spirals.

The black mass pulls down, up, it turns,

the movement lures my mood in.

I open my eyes and it lingers.

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