Day 1066, sick world.

Day 1066-1.jpg

It’s burning outside, in my world.

It’s the hate you see, in my world.

The absence of mirrors, reflection.

The believe in a father, party, or lord.

A promise that steels, seduces your conscience.

Reduces the other, your neighbor, to foe.

“They have to be wrong why else do they question”.

Your right is not standing well on its own.

It’s saddens to know that people still hate.

And have not learned from the mistakes that are made.

It’s burning outside, in the world that I see.

It’s the hate you see, in the world that I see.


Day 1065, silicon stone.

Day 1065-1.jpg

We opened our eyes one morning and looked down on nature.

A first tool we gathered, the stone to break, a hand we guided.

We looked up, that evening, at millions of stars to wonder.

We became our own master, ruler of the world.

We now can fly, go faster and destroy it all.

Have the knowledge, ever imagined, in our hands,

to give that back, one morning, to a silicon stone.

The stone that breaks

And frees us all.


Day 1063, a wall.

Day 1063-1.jpg

Change, a white wall, with a door.

A sign, something written, a mark

deteriorated, for ages, illegible.

A warning, description, a guide?

Will you do, a next step, be afraid?

Not knowing, immobilized,

or unabashed, and open, forget.

Are you afraid of the unknown

or afraid of standing still?


Day 1062, wonderland.

Day 1062-1.jpg

We clear the atmosphere

and set course to other worlds

our long sleep last ages

but for us, it’s just one dream

from our bridge, we see the new world

when we wake up from our sleep

It’s blue from up here

when closer, land does appear

we set down and wander out

just the two of us

all alone in this new land with an apple tree


Day 1059, grey-less.

Day 1059-1.jpg

The red stands for blood

that runs through our construct

the black, and white our views.

The red is what we spill

our construct wants to rule

we are, black and white.


Day 1058, storm.

Day 1058-1.jpg

A storm is going on.

I stare upwards, eyes closed, see dim grey movements.

The lights inside play with my darkness, from outside

the wind, roof and trees play their song

getting exited, calm down, scream, all without reason.

The fireplace cracks, suddenly, irregularly, interrupts this symphony,

the orange glow welcome, reminds me, the darkness subsides.


Day 1056, swinging.

Day 1056-1.jpg

My feet go up when I rush forwards

I lean back and fly, feeling the essence of my childhood

at the top, on the other side, without knowing, I know

and rush back extending myself to where I just was.

I still like to sit down and swing, feel the air, go back, and forwards

wondering if the rope will hold


Day 1055, a door.

Day 1055-1.jpg

A door, lost in nowhere

black painted iron, half sunken in still white snow

I stare, get lost, did I go through?

Is it even open?

the whiteout hides, footsteps passing

maybe I leaped, I will not know, so

I leave the door behind

dreaming of other pastures

on one of two sides.


Day 1054, nature stares.

Day 1054-1.jpg

Nature stares, in my eyes

a suggestion, sound, a smell, picture

triggers, revealing old roads

a rush, I escape back

wander where I once was, feel it

emotions flare, waver, going away

once more, the road disappears

I could be him, was him again

Reliving my life, when nature stares.


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