Day 1629, HtwoO.

On our way

towards our need


we get distracted

by all the lushness

we see


and only later

do we drink

from the well

in the valley

where we linger

the water

that we need

Day 1627, roads.


to a new place


the hills are different here

the roads familiar


the sun sets now

behind that tree

but also

at the same


Day 1625, wasted time.

I woke up

in a time that stood still



suspended by wires



in mid-air


I woke up

in the afternoon

it was time

to go home

Day 1623, falling down.

Our color stuck out

and they hung us for that


that scar extends

till our time

around our necks


till we all

imagine the pull

and the pain

of a broken

Day 1622, at last.

The patterns I see

are forming letters


the words are there

but I need more distance


for the sentence

I need

to turn away


and to understand

I have to wait

till I close my eyes

Day 1619, a hand.

A handprint

in a gravel beach


the upcoming tide

hasn’t yet

taken it



did someone


themselves up


or did they stop

a fall



they just wanted to feel

the cold gravel

Day 1607, water hose.

Day 1607.jpg

We’ll keep them

hanging around

even though

they are cut up

in so many pieces

that they are



you can no longer

water your soil

with them


my dear old


Day 1586, protection.

Day 1586.jpg

Looking back

at all the misshapen

building blocks

stacked together

to form this wall


it all seems to fit


but I still remember

standing down there

between all the broken pieces

of the walls


by my forefathers

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