Day 2126, undulating fields.

Day's pictures, Poetry

All the lines flow in empty fields

like the mind that goes


to the next trail

swaying like on a rhythm


fluid strokes

and curves

are just

from your perspective

from a distance

in these undulating soils


being there

where your next step goes from where you are

you can only see clear

just in front

of the horizon

when you rest

and look back

Day 2099, thin ice?

Day's pictures

I had this picture of ice on a lake and the bed underneath, and both are not in focus, but it leaves enough to my imagination. I wanted to write something clever about it, but I lost my appetite. I just read a news article about some right-wing nutcases in America with a picture of four guys fully dressed in army fatigues and weapons everywhere. I look at their faces, and I just don’t understand these people; they obviously take themselves really serious.  Personally, I believe that you always have to be critical of the answers you give yourself and the ones others give you. Doubt is not easy, but a militiaman or anti-vaxxer will have never take their stance if they question themselves.

There are billions of opinions, and my only conclusion out of that is that they cannot all be true. Claiming that yours is true is not enough; even a majority can be wrong. God and his claims are also not enough; there are thousands of God’s and even more religions.

For the same reason that we all agree that one plus one is two, we should also search for other truths that fit in that same category. Think about all your opinions; could they be universal, or are they just particular to your situation?