Day 685, Ideals.

…Look at economics, first there were no rules, then they came up with different ones, they fine tune them, learn from mistakes and one day their will be a consensus on what the rules of economics are. If those rules are widely accepted, you don’t need to fight over them in a multiple party system. If we follow this logic we would eventually end up with consensus on all topics…

Day 660, Everything looks crooked in this picture.

The president of the united states of America is not known for his wise words but he knows how to grab attention. In the beginning I sometimes compared him with Hitler, but I would not say that anymore. Hitler was also a disturbed man, but he had a few strong ideals that guided him and Trump has no idea. So, luckily there is no Hitler, or the kind of followers he had, in today’s society…

Photoshopped disappointment.

After the elections in America in 2016 I was upset to say the least so to vent some of my anger I started making Photoshopped pictures with a massage. By coincident we had just visited family in America that summer, so I had a lot of pictures to work with. With some of the pictures it is pretty clear what the massage is with others you have to look a little better. I’m curious if you guess get the more hidden massages.

Day 657, I think.

As long as I remember, around Reagan’s appearance in Spitting Image, I found American politics way more interesting. In the Netherlands there is also happening a lot but on the world stage the impact is like a mosquito bite compared to America’s elephant foot on a to. Reagan became president when I was around 8 and we only had two Dutch speaking TV-channel, every week they had Spitting Image on

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