Day 1062, wonderland.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Day 1062-1.jpg

We clear the atmosphere

and set course to other worlds

our long sleep last ages

but for us, it’s just one dream

from our bridge, we see the new world

when we wake up from our sleep

It’s blue from up here

when closer, land does appear

we set down and wander out

just the two of us

all alone in this new land with an apple tree




the stars


The stars are glowing their distance into my imagination.

O could I… O could I go there, please fall.

Fall down to me o distance, you star.

Your incentive of unlimited fantasy, you star.

Please fall down to me, I cannot fall to you.

Please come to me and let me wish.

Let me wish to be there, be you.

Let me glow and be distance.

Let my falling down give hope.

Let me shine amongst billions and shine my lite to millions.

Let me reach out to other worlds.

Where they look up and wonder why.

Why is that star, that star over there, glowing so bright.

So fulfilled in this night here down under the stars.