Day 1104, believe.

Day 1104-1.jpg

When people started dividing,

in the cave we never left,

the few in front of us all

where only closer to the shapes

the shadows of what is not

for us all.


Day 1059, grey-less.

Day 1059-1.jpg

The red stands for blood

that runs through our construct

the black, and white our views.

The red is what we spill

our construct wants to rule

we are, black and white.


Day 832, noise.

Day 832-1

Thousands of synapses inspiring in you.

The noise drowning out your iridescent path.

Drenched by the weight you reach out your mind,

to see a perspective in calm and silence.

Day 827, closed eyes.

Day 827-1.jpg

Eyes closed and the darkness spirals.

The black mass pulls down, up, it turns,

the movement lures my mood in.

I open my eyes and it lingers.

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