Day 1438, shapes.

Day 1438.jpg

Its silent outside

and the space it leaves

forms my life

in abstractions


I look at these

alluring Rorschach’s

and wonder

in silence

Day 1105, decent in.

Day 1105-1.jpg

The mirror I decent in

has no reflection,

and inside, I stare

at a thousand directions

to see nothing but silence.

Only the cold reminds me.


Day 1097, my room.

Day 1097-1.jpg

My room

is silently lit by harsh light,

where I stand naked in front of

reaching for a sign

that someone


my window.


Day 1090, couch.

Day 1090-1.jpg

The left side of the couch

is where I stare,

sitting in the middle –

where future meets past

my silence –

of the room.


Day 1057, a new track.

Day 1057-1.jpg

A road, lost in a vast landscape, under just fallen snow.

On a morning where the world still sleeps,

and an early sun draws shadows on the hills.

I see this all, smell the cold air, and walk in careful silence towards my destination,

where a white shroud is brushed away in thoughtful patterns.

The night is gone, we role forwards to make a new track and find soil.


Day 832, noise.

Day 832-1

Thousands of synapses inspiring in you.

The noise drowning out your iridescent path.

Drenched by the weight you reach out your mind,

to see a perspective in calm and silence.

Day 829,windows.

Day 829-1

Countless times people inhaled in this room.

In silence and eyes closed you can imagine,

the thoughts that they have when sitting down,

staring outside through the windows in this house.




This is a picture of Paul and Johanna Woxeng, the people that lived here till the 1950s. This picture is taken around 1920.



This is a picture of  the same window taken today

Day 701, a chance to hear myself.

Day 701-1

If I go outside now and walk to the water and stand still for a while I would hear nothing, maybe my breath and the beating of my heart. It is so silent here that no matter what you do it will automatically calm you down. I am not sure if I really need that silence for myself, but I really like the experience of living far away from a busy city with all its temptations and distractions. It was some kind of a gamble or dare to myself when I moved here over 10 years ago. I had a nice job and after work I went out to be amongst my friends and socialize. I was actually pretty comfortable with that life, maybe to comfortable. Moving to Norway changed all of that, no place to go in the evening in these small towns with maybe a 1000 people. There was one store in the first place I lived and no social live to speak of. It was difficult in the beginning, you get confronted with your own thoughts all the time, something I avoided back in Holland by going out so often. But I am now used to that and like those confrontations with myself, or maybe I am just used to myself now, something I wasn’t when I lived in the city, amongst the people and all the distractions. I guess the silence gave me a voice and a chance to hear myself.

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