Day 1004, a dream by my side.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Day 1004-1.jpg

The need to be alone together with no one and so close to belong somewhere single and go my own way of love for the one outside my reach out to myself at night lying there in my memory with love from the past that was good to hold out with no breath in my neck I can turn and go to the one that I love and learn to hate this being alone i sometimes cry for no reason i feel great walking proud my own way and I see those eyes shooting lightning in my heard burning pain and pleasure all at once in my days single and never alone going up while falling on my knees kissing feet pulling strings in my brain to maintain my own smile alive to get one inside this life I betray my own pride and still go the road that I so much like and also need is what I tell when I lie awake alone the nights before I fall asleep together with a dream by my side.

Day 1000, to take.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Day 1000.jpg

A thousand days ago.

When springs sun revealed.

The air was new and bright light…

The road to home was changed.

A sharper world was there to take.


This is the first picture I took a thousand days ago when I started the challenge to post at least one picture a day on my own blog. Not just a picture or selfie, but one where I have put some work and thoughts in. I did this in the first place to motivate myself to do something with my so-called biggest hobby, a hobby I was neglecting for many years.