Day 728, Stuck.

Day 728-1

One day I got stuck here.

And now I’m hanging around.

My brothers are the same.

They are like me, sticking around.

Day 727, abandon ship.

Day 727-1

Adrift and abandoned, lost somewhere.

The sea can get wild and lure you away.

What’s left is a shell, a thing that gives up.

Where are you now at this very end?

Day 725, Still.

Day 725-1

Staring in the distance, so I can close my eyes.

Waiting for a nowhere to go today.

I want to move but I stand still here.

Maybe later something will, so I can go.

Day 723, Evolutionary pressures

Day 723-1

A million years of gradual change.

Formed by the waters a pressure that shaped.

The weights that we feel now, standing up straight.

Are not like the water it’s the baggage we made.


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