Day 2002, an ending.

I turned it black and white

these colorful nuances

stand in the way


now I can see where his death comes from

from the now barren ground where he stood


he still stares at me

like he did when he left


I hope the winter fells what is left

and feeds the barren ground


you know

you were not alone

and still beautiful



Day 1990, conform.

We all say

I am wiser than before

I conform to what I learned

even if it was wrong

I embrace it as a part of me

because I love myself

and my thoughts


I guess love is the main problem

in the world we live in

Day 1986, questions.

Just before

she lets it all go

she looked to reach


I don’t know if it was for the wind

to take her along


or in search for the edge

to fall off


or maybe climb on

Day 1985, still life.

The sunset reflected on the wall  

something prevented me

from looking to the end of the day


It was this seed

waiting fully grown

maybe for me

Day 1981, awareness.

I see this grey man, looking at me in the morning, when I look up and my eyes open from a deep sleep. I’ve seen this a thousand times through a thousand facets and an awareness, like you have, driving too nowhere. Maybe I take that drive today and let the hair I once had, hang free, in the wind.

Day 1978, touch.

I like to touch your face

like you touch a rose


but something scares me

to get closer


it’s what holds you up

and cut’s me 

Day 1976, camouflage.

My camouflage

works only at home

where you don’t see me



I don’t feel at home

and see myself


in you


my camouflage

works only at home

when I’m with you

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