Day 2084, adventure light.

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After visiting family in Salt Lake City (in 2016), we decided to drive back via another route then we came. We wanted to see the salt flats, and from there, we would see. On these kinds of driving vacations, we never plan too far ahead; we take a general direction, and after a couple of hours, we see where we are heading and pick a motel a few hundred kilometers down the road, and that’s then our goal. I like adventure, but it is also nice to know you have a bed for the evening halfway through the day; I still remember the days that you are still looking for a place to stay in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere.

On this particular day, we decided to take a decent-looking gravel road south just after the salt flats and drove on this road for half an hour when we saw a smaller dirt road going more southeast. The road was pretty good, but we also drove a normal front-driven car, so I started to worry a little, especially when the first car we saw was a big pickup after an hour or so. I thought that the worst that could happen was that we had to drive all the way back to the main road, but after a little while, I saw a tiny car driving in our direction, so I knew we would be fine.

Day 2083, Nature.

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Henry D. Thoreau


The Pond in Winter

AFTER a still winter night I awoke with the impression that some question had been put to me, which I had been endeavoring in vain to answer in my sleep, as what—how—when—where? But there was dawning Nature, in whom all creatures live, looking in at my broad windows with serene and satisfied face, and no question on her lips. I awoke to an answered question, to Nature and daylight. The snow lying deep on the earth dotted with young pines, and the very slope of the hill on which my house is placed, seemed to say, Forward! Nature puts no question and answers none which we mortals ask. She has long ago taken her resolution. “O Prince, our eyes contemplate with admiration and transmit to the soul the wonderful and varied spectacle of this universe. The night veils without doubt a part of this glorious creation; but day comes to reveal to us this great work, which extends from earth even into the plains of the ether.”

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Day 2056, who am I?

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Slide film, 1996, Olst – the Netherlands

At the beginning of the nineties, I started taking my camera with me. I still like to take pictures of garbage, and as you see in this picture, I did it also in 1996. I have always been interested in the story behind discarded packaging, pieces of paper, and what else people throw away on their way to… It is just interesting that there are people that think that it is a good idea to leave their plastic waste in nature. I personally like my nature with the least possible reminders of human interference, but he, who am I.  

Day 2036, Does beauty need a reason.

Anarchy, why not?, Daily picture, Poetry

Are random clouds, colors and shades

from the sunset you see

not more beautiful

then the reason you see

behind it

Does beauty need a reason

You jump up and swiftly swipe your hands where you felt it crawl; a tiny, harmless spider moves away, you wonder why this made you scared. This reaction to spiders and snakes is a classic example of a fear we inherited from our ancient forefathers. It can still be helpful if you find yourself wondering in a tropical jungle, but for most humans living today, in cities and urban areas, this fear of harmless spiders and other small insects is not rational. 

Day 2035, meaning.

Anarchy, why not?, Daily picture

Why meaning.

Evolution theory plays a significant role in why we religiously look for meaning. One of the main principles of evolution theory is the survival of the fittest. Fittest, or sometimes also called strongest, is somewhat of a mistake made by Darwin. For predators, it can be advantageous to be fit and strong, and the same goes for the gazelle, but most gazelles will probably survive because they are skittish. You could say that most animals’ best survival strategy is to run away at the first sign of danger; even the Lyon will be wise to run away once it knows of the threat a man with a gun can be. Darwin should have called his theory: survival of the scariest.   

Day 2034, it’s not about us humans.

Anarchy, why not?, Daily picture

A perspective, it’s not about us humans.

Scientific theory vs. opinion.

First, something about science: there is often confusion when people read about the “theory” of evolution or the “theory” of gravity; some think it is just an idea of what these scientists have and that it is no problem to disagree with them. This is a common misconception between scientific theories and the theories we all have in our life about mundane subjects. You can have a theory of why milk was spilled on the floor or who was to blame for that car accident, but that is more an opinion you have. A scientist can have opinions, but their theories are tested by others, and till another scientist, using the scientific method1, can prove them wrong, they are treated as the truth.

Day 2027, If truth was a tiny snail.

Daily picture, Poetry

If truth was a tiny snail


it would be going nowhere

really slow


it would be easily missed

and easily killed


and  you don’t know why

you have taken one home


A walk

I’ve been raised in the Netherlands, and you might know that it is a flat country. I can’t speak for all Dutch people, but I think that most of us get excited when we see hills and mountains. I still do after living between them for 15 years now here in Norway. Don’t get me wrong; we have a beautiful landscape in Holland too, but for me, hills and mountains are always associated with vacation. So, I still like this flowing landscape end I did it to this morning. At one point, somewhere halfway, I noticed a tiny snail slowly going somewhere. I took out my phone to take some pictures, the one you see at the top is one of them. After I saw this first one, I started to notice more that tried to crawl somewhere; I also saw many that were flattened by the wheels of an occasional car that drives by.

Later I took a picture with two signs telling the speed limit is 60. I wondered how fast you could drive if you didn’t want to hit these tiny snails.  

Day 2024, delicate.

Daily picture

They grow in circles

to be


I have set myself a goal to find out what I know about certain subjects after 49 years on this rock, I did that with the question: what is gender? I have given it my best shot a few days ago so today I was searching for a book related to that question,  I did that on one of those book sites, and before I knew it, I saw all kinds of recommendations in the corner of my eye, and one of them was “delusion of gender” by Cordelia Fine. I realized what I already knew: I would like…to read many of these books and question my presumptions.

Day 2021, telling.

Daily picture

I also want to tell stories

that floats away

and hopefully find an echo

Yesterday I wrote some of my thoughts down about what it is to feel like a man or a woman or even none of those. I have no scientific training, and I have not done any extensive research in this specific matter. The way I write on this blog is: I pick a subject, or it pics me, and I begin writing what I know about it without a plan where I want to end; I use what is still there from 49 years on this earth and a 25-year interest in science, philosophy, and psychology. I enjoy writing like this because while I write, thoughts start flowing, and often things float by that I haven’t seen in years; I can even surprise myself where I end, usually after around 1000 words.

Day 2019, Photography.

Daily picture

The last two day I talked about looking at art and how I think we “decide” what we like. I also make some sort of art, I like to take pictures and you see them here everyday. Like with all types of art with photography you can go from a snapshot on your phone just to document a moment to elaborate productions to make the ultimate art picture. But a snapshot on a phone combined with a story or a massage can easily become art and elaborate photoshoot are most of the time only used for commercial use and that is not really art. What art is or not that is another discussion but if you make something like a photo, sculpture or painting with the intend for it to be pleasing to the senses you have to make certain discissions, the colours you use, the framing or size. It doesn’t matter if you do this professionally or as a hobby or with the intent to make art, you want a result that pleases you or maybe better said: it comes close to what feels good with you.

Day 2018, Art 2.

Daily picture

I saw this bird sitting on a wire, for a while it was just staring at the clouds and the colours, well…it was pointing in that direction. I wonder what this bird sees, does it feel joy? Yesterday I wrote about art and what kind of art I like; I don’t know if I said it yesterday but, I cannot say in all honesty why I like something. I can think of all kinds of reasons but I am pretty sure that the split-second it takes the visual information from my eyes to go to the brain and from there to ooze into my consciousness, the feeling of bliss is already there to feel. Somewhere between what happens in my brain and the route to consciousness a detour is made to my happy center, or the room opposite of that door.   

Day 2015, Random.

Daily picture

Last week I decided to start reading Charles Darwin’s book “on the origin of species”. I had this book already in my possession for a couple of years, a side note: I am bad in saving money but what I do every now and then is buy some expensive books if I have money over, this way I have something valuable to read for the leaner times. I think that most people know something about Darwin’s theories, I have read several books about him and the theory of evolution so it’s not new for me. The reason that I read this old book now, is the same for whenever I read books from the nineteenth century, you get a look into that time and the world those writers lived in, the nineteenth century is great. If you like, you should go to this site: here you find old scientific American magazines. They invented most of the things in the nineteenth century we now take for granted, the only difference is that they where still really clumsy and often only worked in theory. Imagine the difference between 1900 and 2021, it is big but most of what we have now was already imagined in 1900. Now think of the difference between 1900 and 1800 (or even better, “the long nineteenth century” from the French revolution in 1789 til the first world war in 1914), that is a much larger difference, in 1800 they still live more or less like the Romans did 1600 years before them…ok I exaggerate a little but the 19th century was the one century where everything changed including the way we looked at ourselves.