Day 1082, Cold mountains.

Day 1082-1.jpg

Life, thinly spread out in the valleys of white mountains and dark soil.

The loneliness here is in its nature close when the silence takes you.

And the cold coming from the mountains gives you a harsh calm.


Day 1059, grey-less.

Day 1059-1.jpg

The red stands for blood

that runs through our construct

the black, and white our views.

The red is what we spill

our construct wants to rule

we are, black and white.


Day 1054, nature stares.

Day 1054-1.jpg

Nature stares, in my eyes

a suggestion, sound, a smell, picture

triggers, revealing old roads

a rush, I escape back

wander where I once was, feel it

emotions flare, waver, going away

once more, the road disappears

I could be him, was him again

Reliving my life, when nature stares.


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