Day 1711, holding on.

Day's pictures, Poetry

While leaning in my chair, looking at the poem I chose for today I wondered what this is good for. Not all of this, but writing in an abstract way about life, instead of writing about more practical things. I started a book about Wittgenstein and he goes deep and abstract. Talking about the meaning of the word and, and how we use languish. It is interesting, for some people at least, they publish books about him so I guess there is a market. I don’t know why it is useful that people study these subjects, I tell myself that it is like some kind of higher math, useless for our daily lives, but if you drive a car or take a flight somewhere you better thank the people that took the time to understand this hocus-pocus math and use that knowledge when they designed our cars or that airplane. Somewhere in our daily lives Wittgenstein’s ideas benefit us, though we never might know how.

The little poem/haiku I chose today, once again tells about our fruitless quest for meaning and destination. Don’t get me wrong, I think life is great but I can honestly not think of a time in my life that I thought that it led to something. For the longest time I thought that that was normal and the reason for why I am curious. How can you be curious if you already know where you are going? But sometimes I wish I could crawl into someones head that has figured it all out, just to feel what that’s like, it tickles my curiosity.

Day 857

Holding on to tight

On a narrow path nowhere

protecting a clue.

I see that I had two letters capitalized, with no period at the end of the sentence, and one with but no capitalized letter at the beginning. I guess my dyslexia screwed with me again. That why I, for the longest time now, start with a capitalized word at the beginning of a poem and nothing at the end. Patterns are my glasses, if it comes to writing.

“Holding on to tight” and “protecting a clue” point to the people that see a…point and goal in life and who hold those two like they are something precious. But there anxious tread and secrecy shows that they hold something that is hollow and can break easily, and they don’t want others to see that.

The middle sentence speaks for itself in this context.

And now a quote from Wittgenstein that fits with what I have written today. (and please read about him or his books, quotes are so often out of context)

Nothing is so difficult as not deceiving oneself.”


Not how the world is, but that it is, is the mystery.”