Day 1926, try.

The flowers that I gave you

where still looking at the sun

when it was already gone


you threw them away

in that evening

a symbol

of a last try

Day 1922, sad.

I almost stepped on this little blue flower

hiding in the shadow


it looked so sad

without its color


I thought I would do it

a favor


but it still remembered the morning sun

and it pleaded for its life

in hope for a next morning

Day 1901, curious.

I’ve already played my part

in last year’s summer dance


I gave my seeds

to the passing wind

and showed the beauty

that once was


I let all of that go

when this dance was over

though I’m still here


Day 1831, B&W.

I sometimes wish that I could see the world in black and white.

A neat dividing line through every gradation.

Just black and white.

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