Day 1831, B&W.

I sometimes wish that I could see the world in black and white.

A neat dividing line through every gradation.

Just black and white.

Day 1545, seeds.

Day 1545

Some of my seed

got spoiled

taken by the wind

into the darkness


I hope the rest


the normal way

during a slight


Day 1539, flower.

Day 1539

The sun is there

and I normally flower

dancing on the grass

with the wind

besides the streets


but the streets

are toxic

my address is torn

I am afraid

that I

will not sow

this year

Day 1537, white chalk.

Day 1537

The outline of a flower

drawn on the black street


the color that once attracted

has drifted away

the empty shell

will soon

be discarded


and the white chalk

that marked

is put away

as to have

in this all

no blame

Day 1536, hard white rocks.

Day 1536


the hard white rocks

a sun barely reaches

the fertile soil


but only the shimmering

of the shadows down there

spur some on

to take over

and go towards

the hope

of some light

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