Day 2126, undulating fields.

Day's pictures, Poetry

All the lines flow in empty fields

like the mind that goes


to the next trail

swaying like on a rhythm


fluid strokes

and curves

are just

from your perspective

from a distance

in these undulating soils


being there

where your next step goes from where you are

you can only see clear

just in front

of the horizon

when you rest

and look back

Day 2125, peace.

Daily picture


Friedrich Nietzsche

Human, All Too Human II

The Wanderer and His Shadow

284 The means to a genuine peace. -No government at present concedes that it maintains an army in order to satisfy occasional desires for conquest; instead, it is supposed to serve the purpose of self-defense. The morality that justifies self-defense is called upon as its advocate. But that means: reserving morality for ourselves and immorality for our neighbor, because he must be thought to be aggressive and imperialistic, if our state has to be thinking about the means of self-defense; moreover, our explanation of why we need an army declares him, who denies his aggressiveness just as much as our state does and for his part, too, supposedly maintains an army only for reasons of self-defense,

Day 2123, confusion.

Daily picture

I never really like discussing with people; I like to ask questions and give snarky remarks but defending my opinion is not what I like or am good at in a conversation. I know some skeptical people about Covid and vaccination, and though I work with them, I try to ignore that part, knowing that arguing with them is futile. Today I couldn’t help overhearing a conversation where the denier brought up all the things he heard from people on the news and online that put vaccination in a bad light; it boiled over in me, and I more or less told him he’s an egoist that only thinks of himself and that he might mention the people that share his opinion as if that is evidence that he is right, but he forgets to mention all the other, and overwhelming, news outlets and sources that recommend vaccination. It is the typical case of cherry-picking what you want to hear and ignoring what doesn’t fit. Me getting angry doesn’t help, of course, he probably enjoys it, and I have the feeling that he does this all just to be difficult. Most of these vaccine deniers have probably never before had any problems with vaccines, and their argument that it all went so fast is kind of strange; what do we know how fast something like that goes? Suddenly we are all experts?