Day 2565, house.

Daily picture

I have a house in Northern Norway. It is nothing special, houses are cheap in that part of the country, the price of a regular car. I bought it 15 years ago, and we lived there with pleasure. When we moved to other parts of Norway for further adventures, we didn’t sell the house in the hope that one day we would go back. Today we decided to return, and seeing the house in this picture feels good. Memories are often colored, so that’s why the picture is in black and white, but I know that I am not mistaken; I always look at the bright side.

I am going to work at the museum again, where I worked before as a wooden boatbuilder. I left there before with mixed feelings, but fresh winds have blown there, so I am curious how it is going over there. I only know that there are several projects and hardly any boatbuilders, so there is enough work. If you like to work as a boatbuilder or know someone who is interested, let me know.

Day 829,windows.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Day 829-1

Countless times people inhaled in this room.

In silence and eyes closed you can imagine,

the thoughts that they have when sitting down,

staring outside through the windows in this house.




This is a picture of Paul and Johanna Woxeng, the people that lived here till the 1950s. This picture is taken around 1920.



This is a picture of  the same window taken today