Day 695, Echo of the moon.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Day 695-1

This house where I sit is silent and only the moon echo’s the light.

Grey are the shadows inside, slowly finding their way, moving away.

I stair and see the dust caught by the moons darkened reflection.

The particles move without purpose they only know to go down.

Forced by the pull of the mass is what they obey, it’s the calm they prey.

They stay there till one day I may leave my print or brush them away.

Day 689, By the waterfall.

Day's pictures, Human all too human

Day 689-1

Friedrich Nietzsche

Human all too human

By the waterfall. – At the sight of a waterfall we think we see in the countless curvings, twistings and breakings of the waves capriciousness and freedom of will; but everything here is necessary, every motion mathematically calculable. So it is too in the case of human actions; if one were all-knowing, one would be able to calculate every individual action, likewise every advance in knowledge, every error, every piece of wickedness. The actor himself, to be sure, is fixed in the illusion of free will; if for one moment the wheel of the world were to stand still, and there were an all-knowing, calculating intelligence there to make use of this pause, it could narrate the future of every creature to the remotest ages and describe every track along which this wheel had yet to roll. The actor’s deception regarding himself, the assumption of free-will, is itself part of the mechanism it would have to compute.