Day 1000, to take.

Day 1000.jpg

A thousand days ago.

When springs sun revealed.

The air was new and bright light…

The road to home was changed.

A sharper world was there to take.


This is the first picture I took a thousand days ago when I started the challenge to post at least one picture a day on my own blog. Not just a picture or selfie, but one where I have put some work and thoughts in. I did this in the first place to motivate myself to do something with my so-called biggest hobby, a hobby I was neglecting for many years. I was also hoping to motivate my girlfriend, an aspiring artist with similar neglect problems. She finally got the posting bug to a few months ago so mission accomplished, have a look at her site: If you post a picture a day, or repeat some other task, it becomes a part of your life. Even when we are traveling, going to the movies or hang out with friends, I always find a half an hour to take a picture and post it. It blends in with your life and sometimes I hardly notice it, but it is fun to look back at all those pictures, with all their little stories attached to them. After a while I also started writing something with each picture and for almost 300 day’s now, I write a little poem with it, often inspired by that day’s picture. I am not a poet or writer, and though I like what I write most of the time, I have no illusions. But it is nice to challenge that part of the brain everyday to come up with something that can get my approval. Sometimes people ask me why I post all that stuff if I have now ambitions, what I tell myself, and them is that these 1000 photos would probably disappear on my hard disk and is a poem a poem if it is never read by another? I probably would have joined a poetry club if I was writing before the internet era, so a handful of interested people could see it, like now, I think that is satisfaction enough.


Duizend dagen geleden.
Wanneer lentes zon onthuld.
De lucht was nieuw en helder licht …
De weg naar huis een ander.
Een scherpere wereld daar te nemen.

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