Day 1297, thoughts.

Day 1297.jpg

Its the dirt road

at my house

in the morning

that I drive



where they stare

at me

each day


if I stop

to look closer

they run



like sheep

Day 1288, holes.

Day 1288-1.jpg

My road

to the world

and home

is poorly paved


I filled some holes

but they are hard to avoid

and soon

show their true depth




I descend in them


to spare my nerves


Day 1283, a road.

Day 1283-1.jpg

I see

the road

is straight

and well lit

but dark


it does not

scare me


I wont go

that way


I stay here

in the shadow

Day 1057, a new track.

Day 1057-1.jpg

A road, lost in a vast landscape, under just fallen snow.

On a morning where the world still sleeps,

and an early sun draws shadows on the hills.

I see this all, smell the cold air, and walk in careful silence towards my destination,

where a white shroud is brushed away in thoughtful patterns.

The night is gone, we role forwards to make a new track and find soil.


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