Day 1579, twilight.

Day 1579.jpg

I see bright light

and myself

standing still

at the end

of a dark tunnel


I stared so long

in twilight

trying to see this road

I am afraid it will disappear

when I step


Day 1097, my room.

Day 1097-1.jpg

My room

is silently lit by harsh light,

where I stand naked in front of

reaching for a sign

that someone


my window.


Day 1095, workplace.

Day 1095-1.jpg

Harsh light comes from outside

leaving the darkness in corners.

My workspace is well lit,

I have the time for this

just have to get the tools.

Day 1058, storm.

Day 1058-1.jpg

A storm is going on.

I stare upwards, eyes closed, see dim grey movements.

The lights inside play with my darkness, from outside

the wind, roof and trees play their song

getting exited, calm down, scream, all without reason.

The fireplace cracks, suddenly, irregularly, interrupts this symphony,

the orange glow welcome, reminds me, the darkness subsides.


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