Day 1584, when.

Day 1584.jpg

Every night

when you close your eyes

and wait for the moment

that never comes


and when you are there

you are also gone

for a few hours

or forever


one example

that death will come

and always

at the end of your life


remember that

Day 1489, leave.

Day 1489.jpg


at the end

she whirled

to a welcoming



in a quiet


her life

moved away


at the end

of this winter

a thought

and her cage

where left




Day 982, our graveyard.

Day 982-1.jpg

Lost writings, their meaning

on an old machine,

a lost pride.

The last paint, final

it’s value, what’s left

at the end

it is character, that exists

written in awareness,

our graveyard.


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