Day 1141, of our time.

Day 1141-1.jpg

Three hinges

hold the door

of our time


in place


from standing still

you take a step

from an empty mind

you get a thought

from nothing

you see beauty


Day 1099, stairs up.

Day 1099-1.jpg

A corridor leads

to stairs up

dimly lit

by ancient, incandescent

its filaments


counting down, to their end.

Rushed by the cadence

I feel my way


eyes closed

foreseeing the darkness

escaping  time



Day 1069, once upon a time.

Day 1069-1.jpg

When there was nothing, not even time.

Two dimensions touched, caught in each other’s eye.

A first quantity quivered, and time waved out

pulling with it all that would exist.


Day 864, weeds.

Day 864-1

When butterflies don’t fly.

Fading away, overwhelmed in lies.

Wings eager, restricted by weeds.

Cracked mud of the soil grades the time.

When butterflies couldn’t fly.

Day 705, Stuck?

Day 705-1

On the right it is me, uncombed standing crooked.

Next my wife, good-looking, all dressed up, hair in a bun.

We say goodbye to our memories you see; some parts are blocking the sun.

The sun that gives us warmth is either setting or rising, is this morning or evening?

Are we going to wait, or getting higher or are we just so rooted like the trees you see here?

Day 669, Enjoy the ride.

Day 669-1

We don’t know what time we arrive.

Most of us don’t mind, to float on time.

The closer we get, the faster it goes.

There is regret and we enjoy the ride.

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