Day 1949, My gear.

Today just a picture taken in the garden. I wanted to share a little about the camera I use. I have a blog where I talk about some of my equipment, specially all the vintage lenses I use on my digital cameras. Modern digital cameras are pretty expensive and it would be nice to try one but I rather spend my money on something else. My theory is that, well it is not so much a theory but more an observation, I still have pictures on the wall taken with my first digital camera (Nikon D40x) in 2006 and they are great. The cameras I had after that improved in the quality of the pictures but that is subjective, they mainly improved on the handling and speed. For the people that are interested I bought a Nikon D300 after the D40x and a couple of years later I bought a Nikon D7100. I especially liked the D300 because of its ruggedness and its semi professional qualities. But last year I had one of those moments that probably every photographer has every now and then and that was the sudden idea to sell most of what I had and go a whole

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Day 1936, Geist.

The door

is concealed

and surrounded

by brightness


you have to close your eyes

and walk closer

in its direction


11. The Pessimist of the Intellect.—He whose intellect is really free will think freely about the intellect itself, and will not shut his eyes to certain terrible aspects of its source and tendency. For this reason others will perhaps designate him the bitterest opponent of free thought and give him that dreadful, abusive name of “pessimist of the intellect”: accustomed as they are to typify a man not by his strong point, his pre-eminent virtue, but by the quality that is most foreign to his nature.

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Day 1934, diss order.

The barrier we lean against

comforts us


After almost 15 years of seclusion from much of society our move to the city was both a welcome surprise and change. Before I moved to North Norway I lived in Holland where you can meet all kinds of people if you want to, and I did. I have had a lot of good conversations, I was already interested in philosophy, psychology and more and I always tried to talk about these subjects but with little success overall. Most people have some interest in for example philosophy but up till a certain level. Its like talking about your train collection, at first people indulge your enthusiasm but if you still talk about the different train tracks you can buy after 20 minutes you start to see in their faces that you went to far. So, my move to Norway, and thus lack of social contact, was not a big problem because I could do without the disappointment of people losing their interest when I wanted to dive deeper.

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