Day 1899, morning.

I felt this morning

the dark forest

chased by fear




the massive  

ancient oak’s

stay behind

and I step over

the last roots


the sun welcomes me

and I see that grass

is green

Day 1897, shadow of me.

I look from the inside

through a veil



the window is clear

but still

shows me


I see myself standing there

underneath the dark clouds

looking inside


I forgot

if I ever moved again

Day 1896, tight.

I hold your hand


in this scared world


seeing the strangers

who unwillingly

lure the child in you



but then again

it might just be me


wanting to hold your hand

a little longer

Day 1895, growing down.

In pop culture they say often that you have to trust yourself above everything else, chase your dreams and that you can be whatever you want.

A few generations ago most people had no big worries about their future in regards to their career choices, where to live and how to live. Only when you where rich or exceptional adventures you had the opportunity to struggle with these questions. Now, in 2021, many more people have the chance to choose their own path in life. The problem is that this change happened quite fast. The generation of parents that live now are one of the first that had to struggle with these choices and are now confronted with their own children and their struggles. I think that this whole “trust yourself and you know best” that parents give as advice nowadays is their way of saying that they have no clue and they don’t want to be responsible for the choices of their children, traumatized as they are by there own experiences. This whole “follow your hard” thing is sold as this hip and progressive idea but I suspect that it is born out of cowardice. I can mostly write about my own generation and somewhat about the current, but choosing your life is not something we are good in. I was already reluctant to listen to advice but I see all around me that it only gets harder for parents to guide their offspring and they don’t make it better by telling their kids that they can become anything…let start by saying that they cant.

By the way, I am pretty sure that 5000 years ago someone carved a blog-post on a piece of stone with a similar massage

Day 1892, pretend.

I see the lock

hanging on the door

and the whole world sees me

staring at it


I don’t know if

they want me

or not

to open it


I can pretend

to search for the key

Day 1864, chance.

When two strangers meet

each other across the street


a world of possibilities


dispersing into nothing


we all carry with us

a thousand different futures


don’t get attached to much

to the one you live now


you might someday

meet someone

on your side of the street

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