Day 1717, to do or not to do.

There are moments in your life that you have to make a decision. Easy ones like: do I eat pizza or pasta? Or a moderate one like: do I buy the red or black car? And the harder ones like a divorce or quitting a job. All these decisions come on our paths and they can be exciting but the are not exciting. They are just the mundane events that are part of everybody’s life, and though they can be thrilling and/or devastating, nonetheless they are not special as in, out of the ordinary.

I like the events that are out of the ordinary, or maybe better said: events that grind against the boundary of what is possible when they pass you by in the far distance. An example: a friend tells you about his uncle that lives in a far away land, that uncle is looking for someone for his company, its a job you can do, but are not qualified for, but because of your connection you might get it. You might get it if you go for it. You have to move to a whole different continent, live in another culture and work in a field you don’t know. The whole idea is so far from you, literally and figuratively, but also a possibility and a decision away. If you don’t take the decision, life will go on, but you will always remember the feeling of what it would be like, living that other life.

I think that everybody can come up with an example for themselves. It can just be a dream that one day comes really close, a decision away “close”…what do you do.

The inspiration for this thought came from the haiku I wrote on Day 907.

An empty blue chair

a distant view passes by

I slowly decide.

Do I sit in the blue chair, or do I make my first step towards a new view that is passing by.

Day 1646, uproar.

With all that swelling

internal noise

I get the impression

that something

is gonna change



says the day dreamer


for the people

that dream at night


the noise is there


by day

Day 1280, in the distance.

Day 1280_01.jpg

The mountains

I see

far away

have new snow

on their peaks

in thin air


while the sun

still shines


they tell me

to gather wood

and warm the house

for the coming winter

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