Day 1649, a 1000 choices.

Day's pictures, Poetry

Breaking point

or not


that is the question


The last few weeks my girlfriend and I have been moving our stuff to our new house. After 6 year living in a beautiful old house on the Norwegian coast we decided to move closer to a city. Before we lived here in Rørvik we lived in an ever smaller place called Gratangen, a couple of hundred kilometers above the polar circle. I lived in Gratangen since 2006 and my girlfriend since 2004. She’s from big city America and I’m from one big city the Netherlands, so you can imagine the changes we went trough moving to the north of Norway. And it has been interesting and a good experience. When we drove away this morning from the farm where we rented our new apartment, and 20 minutes later we drove through Tronheim, we both new this would be an interesting change.

I am like that rolling stone from the song, blessed with a bad memory, I swim around amazed in my bowl. I know I will re member what it is like living in the city. I lived in several big cities in the Netherlands, I might have forgotten the names of my friends and even girlfriends but I still feel hints of all the impression I had back then. And those are enough for me, but I have to admit that it can be nice again to go to a cafe, restaurant or sports club without driving several hours like we have to do now, and we hardly ever do. 

It’s gonna be exiting, for 12 years we lived together, cooked up in small houses far away from everything that we left. I wonder what the loss of that freedom will do to us, now we return to the city with a thousand choices.

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