Day 1949, My gear.

Daily picture

Today just a picture taken in the garden. I wanted to share a little about the camera I use. I have a blog where I talk about some of my equipment, specially all the vintage lenses I use on my digital cameras. Modern digital cameras are pretty expensive and it would be nice to try one but I rather spend my money on something else. My theory is that, well it is not so much a theory but more an observation, I still have pictures on the wall taken with my first digital camera (Nikon D40x) in 2006 and they are great. The cameras I had after that improved in the quality of the pictures but that is subjective, they mainly improved on the handling and speed. For the people that are interested I bought a Nikon D300 after the D40x and a couple of years later I bought a Nikon D7100. I especially liked the D300 because of its ruggedness and its semi professional qualities. But last year I had one of those moments that probably every photographer has every now and then and that was the sudden idea to sell most of what I had and go a whole