Day 1673, her.

She was standing there


still in silence


I could see

her posture

knew where to go


up the stairs

to get her…

Day 1658, standing still.

I open the drawer

with one hand

holding a picture

in the other

of you

standing in a doorway


I can not see

if you are leaving

or coming in


I only remember

that we were there

Day 1632, your face.

It looks

like I see

your face again

in everything



you disappear

when I open

the door

for a while


so you know

you can come in

Day 1611, looking.

When I sit

and look

like an eagle


watching what you do

hiding like a shadow

behind you


I search for



in you

Day 1601, dragged.

Day 1601.jpg

I don’t want

to give you cover

no longer

against the rain


but I am still


dragged down

by the forces

that kept me

with you

Day 1591, happy.

Day 1591.jpg

In the fourth doorway

is saw you standing


I don’t know why

I kept opening


but also

stayed behind


from this distance

I can’t see

the age

in your eyes


and you know

that makes me happy

Day 1542, leave.

Day 1542

A leave

with darkness

and deep feigns


feeding itself

from where it all



the dark soil

where the past

gets consumed

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