Day 1794, model number.

I shine with my light

on the model number I am


besides the number

I see no warning lights

but my hour counter

is stuck


do I want to upgrade

or just live on without counting

Day 1793, tools.

My tools

are not as old as I am


they are part of me

but not unique


they can be passed along

when I am gone


if someone wants them

Day 1788, windows.

I wander

in my head


searching for a view

through a window in the rooms

facing the side

where the sun goes down


as if beauty

or the hope of a next day

beholds an answer

Day 1787, projection.

A light shines behind me

so I see

my shadow at the wall


it moves

and I guess

I do to


my shadow seems to know

before me

where I go


maybe I am the shadow

and turned on

this light

in front of me

Day 1786, bloom.

I landed with my face down

In a cold reality

of dead weeds and earth


when I looked up

just in front of me

I saw a gray flower



I wondered

when is the right time to bloom

Day 1783, exit?

I know

whats normally behind a door like that

a dead end when I go in


but I still go

searching for a way out

on the other side

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