Restoration of Brottsjø 6

Boat building

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One of the last things the mechanics took of Brottsjø were the tubes around the chain steering. Now they can begin with restoring and cleaning everything.

On the port side we started taking away the wooden railing because it was rotten but also because I wanted to see how the “rekkestøtte” looked like underneath it. More than half of the thirty “rekkestøtte” have to be shifted out because of damage on the top, the one on the right side of the picture has a bigger problem.

Last week I wrote about the bolts in the “skandekk” on starboard side and how they showed that the outer skin was changed at least once. On the port side you only see one bolt in this part of the “skandekk” and in this “fyllstykke” so it looks like this is the way it was originally done. Now I have to decide how to bring it back, our goal is how it was 1989, so I should put 3 bolts in the ones that had that in 1989 and cut one of them and like in this case it have to put in one??? I think I will make a nice rapport about my findings and use only one bolt.

But two “fyllstykker” further things get more complicated again. Now you see two bolts and what you don’t see is the bolt that is cut where the “fyllstykke” begins, here the “fyllstykke” is changed once, maybe that was a good thing, compare the top of the ribs on this picture with the other one, a good “fyllstykke” keeps them dry.

To make a better calculation of the hours needed to restore Brottsjø in to it’s former glory we took away some “garnering”, the inner skin. The ribs look ok for the most part and the outer skin is wet but not rotten. Like most old boats it is clear that the condition under the waterline is much better than the condition of everything above it.

That includes this part of Brottsjø, the “kjølsvin”, call it the inner keel, a little wet but from what we could see in good condition.

For three weeks I get help from Jens-Erik, our traditional smith. For the same reasons as above I wanted to take away some skin on the outside, her we prepare us to take away the nails without damaging the wood.

Here you can see the method I developed to do that.

Here the plank is gone, the condition of the wood is good enough, we can save a little bit more of Brottsjø.

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