Day 1051, crossroads.

Day 1051-1.jpg

Projecting crossroads in life

to leave the guild and go right

praise yourself and feel free

walk around and you will see


Today I finished the book “A people’s tragedy” by Orlando Figes. It’s about the Russian revolution between 1891-1924. It is a really good book and I can recommend it if you are interested in that part of history.

It was so obvious, back than already, but specially looking back that Lenin’s rule was a replacement of the old monarchy in their misuse of the people for their own ideals. People like Lenin didn’t really care about the people, they believed in an idea that replaced the God they don’t believe in. People have used God for ages to justify their murderess behavior and they did the same. In our modern politics you see also remnants of Lenin and Bolshevist ways of manipulating the people, look at the practice of promising what the people want and twisting facts to fit that narrative and all along following your own agenda.

In this little poem I try to tell a story of crossroads in life and history where we as individuals or as a society think we make a definite turn away from the past. I think this is an illusion, as a society we might seem to be more civilized, I live in the so called west where we don’t kill each other anymore on a regular basis over our political vieuws but politics as described in the above example is still going on strong and we can be heartless to as a society. For instance, we are in principle capable of feeding the whole world but instead, we hoard our riches and don’t care if people die in countries a few hours flying away. Lenin and his comrades made also decisions like this, to take food, or the means to make food away from the poorest to appease an unruly political base.

We might think we turned away from all of that barbarism, but I think that in two hundred years people would look at us as we look now at the communist atrocities from a hundred years ago.

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