Restoration of Brottsjø 5

Boat building

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This week we started taking away the old “skandekk”, that is the construction at the side of the deck that prevents water that’s coming from the deck to leak in-between the ribs and so in parts of the boat that you can’t inspect and thus potentially can cause serious damage. Another important function of the “skandekk” is preventing the deck to get wider and wider, the way we make these decks water tight is by forcing hemp into the different seams between the planks, by doing this you create enormous forces sideways and the ” skandekk” stops these. At this picture you see how I check if the deck is straight or slightly curved. The “randplank” between the straight deck and the curved “skandekk” gets special attention because of its shape.

Here is a sketch of the “skandekk” and the forces that work on it.

At Brottsjø we found evidence of old reparations. The green lines represent bolts that were cut were the “fyllstykke” stops, the red ones are connected to the “hud” the skin of the boat. This is the normal way of doing so it looks like that part of the “hud” is changed at least ones in its history.

We know this because on this side of Brottsjø’s “skandekk” it only had one bolt per “fyllstykke” (filling peace) and they were riveted on both sides. If you don’t wane remove several deck planks you can’t remove the old bolt and you have to use new bolts and use nuts as you can see on this picture, there is no room to rivet.

Another sketch, now with a little bit more parts with their Norwegian names

We now know that there is a little bit more work on the drive train.

After many years of trustworthy performance we think that now is the moment to replace the axle shaft of Brottsjø so that she can go another 70 years.

Here we have a picture from around the time that we have set as a “guide-date” (1989) It’s a part of the machine room.

My goal is 1989 so I cannot make it all new and shining but a ones over with some soap is also not enough. The blue covers that are missing we have to make new and all the rust marks have to go and I have to try to stop the rust to. All the switches and the rest off the electric system doesn’t have to shine but it all has to function and preferably for years to come.

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