Restoration of Brottsjø 5

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This week we started taking away the old “skandekk”, that is the construction at the side of the deck that prevents water that’s coming from the deck to leak in-between the ribs and so in parts of the boat that you can’t inspect and thus potentially can cause serious damage. Another important function of the “skandekk” is preventing the deck to get wider and wider, the way we make these decks water tight is by forcing hemp into the different seams between the planks, by doing this you create enormous forces sideways and the ” skandekk” stops these. At this picture you see how I check if the deck is straight or slightly curved. The “randplank” between the straight deck and the curved “skandekk” gets special attention because of its shape.

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Torgunn Katrine

For the last 3 years I have worked for a coastal museum in Rørvik (Kystmuseet Norveg). I restore old wooden buildings that are part of the collection and I also restore Torgunn Katrine, a 40ft wooden fishing boat from 1936. The pictures you see here are from that project. It is a small museum with only two craftsmen. My colleague restores mainly buildings and I do most of the work on the boats we have. Torgunn is a big project of at least 4000-man hours. I have a student and some temporary help and if everything goes well we will be ready next summer. I will tell more in an upcoming post.

Here is a link to the website of the museum where I work: kystmuseetnorveg

Video from 2016 about Torgunn Katrine

Some more recent pictures.

Some fancy pictures.

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