Day 2456, brain fart.

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For fifteen years now, I have lived in a country other than the one I grew up. I moved there to get away from a society I started to dislike more and more. In short, I worked in a few non-western countries and realized that we have very little to complain about what we have and can achieve in life; back home I got the feeling that a lot of people don’t realize that.

I moved to this other country, and although I am a good citizen (I pay my taxes), I don’t integrate that well and don’t follow the local news and politics. I just want to live and work with these people without knowing what they stand for within these artificial borders and societies. People are much easier to deal with if they don’t bring their attitude with them and if you can leave your attitude safely at home.

I do follow the news from around the world, but deleting news apps from my phone works like a volume button. When they are all gone from my phone, it is silent. I still go to my work, drive through the snow, go shopping and live my life without all the stress of what’s happening in the world. I know that sticking your head in the ground is not a solution, but if others can replicate my experience, I will propose that, well… propose is a big word, I just had a brain fart while driving through that snowstorm today, and the idea was that if most people from one country just move over to the next country and start living their life without angering themselves or their new hosts the world would slowly become a better place. But then I realized that many people still have nationalistic feelings, and though childish, it’s hard to ignore.

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