Day 2281, another midnight sun.

Day's pictures, Video

This is a video I took in 2007 of one of the first times I saw the midnight sun. It might not be that special for some, but for me, it was. I don’t know what my feelings were back then, but I made the video and put some dramatic music under it, so it meant something. I guess living in a new and strange country with strange people and a language I didn’t understand was not proof enough that I factually moved; I guess seeing the sun shining bright after midnight did the trick. This you can only see when you live this far from the equator; that might have been part of the emotions I felt.

Now I think about it; it is rather unique. Most of us are so used to the rhythm of day and night that the absence of that rhythm will be somewhat…disturbing…strange…think about it. Though I moved more to the south since that first experience, and we don’t have the midnight sun over here, it is still light during the night, the kind of light you have just after sunset. It is no longer special, I block all the light from coming into our sleeping room, and we found another rhythm to help us through the day and night cycle.

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